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Biobank perspectives: Current issue

We live in a global society, which means there are several actors that regulate both research and services directed at consumers. In this issue of Biobank Perspectives, you can read about the legal aspects of direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Santa Slokenberga writes about her doctoral dissertation in law from Uppsala University and how the Council of Europe and the EU interact with each other and the legal systems in the member states. She believes direct-to-consumer genetic testing can be seen as a 'test' of the European legal orders, showing us that there is need for formal cooperation and convergence as seemingly small matters can lead tolarge consequences. 

To follow up from the last issue where Anna-Sara Lind reported on the General Data Protection Regulation in a Swedish perspective, we give you more information about the Swedish Research Data Inquiry. We are also happy to announce that a group of researchers from the University of Oxford, University of Iceland, University of Oslo and CRB at Uppsala University received a Nordforsk grant to find solutions for governance of the 'health cyberspace' that is emerging from assembling and using existing data for new purposes.

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Anna-Sara Lind, photo: Eva Holst
Anna-Sara Lind, Associate Professor of Public Law
Josepine Fernow: foto: Staffan Claesson
Josepine Fernow, Co-ordinator, CRB

Biobank perspectives: Current issues in ethics and law