Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)

Welcome students!

I heartily welcome you to attend this course in research ethics

Stefam ErikssonIn this course you will be able to watch lectures, read lots of interesting materials, talk to fellow students and of course me, to make your progress through step-by-step activities and to do your own ethical analysis of interesting research ethical dilemmas.

We use the PingPong portal for the training. You will find links to everything you need, a discussion forum and instructions. We use Adobe Connect for e-meetings.

Before the training starts, you will recieve login information. If you run into any problems, please contact me (stefan.eriksson@crb.uu.se).

Stefan Eriksson
Associate Professor of Research Ethics, Senior Lecturer
Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)
Uppsala University

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