Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)

People teaching

Stefan ErikssonStefan Eriksson is Senior Lecturer in Research Ethics. He is responsible for our postgraduate courses in research ethics for science and technology and the online research ethics training that we offer.

Kathinka EversKathinka Evers is Professor of Philosophy and Senior researcher. She has developed our online advanced level course in Neuroethics and is responsible for a mandatory course on research ethics and the philosophy of science for PhD students in medicine and pharmacy.

Elisabeth FurbergElisabeth Furberg has a PhD in philsophy and works a deputy senior lecturer and teaches ethics to medical students. She is also a university lecturer at the University of Gothenburg.

Mats G. HanssonMats Hansson is Professor of Biomedical Ethics and has been teaching ethics to future nurses and doctors for many years . He is also responsible for ethics rounds at Akademiska sjukhuset (Uppsala University Hospital).

Heidi C. HowardHeidi C. Howard is a geneticist and bioethicist. She teachers both undergraduate and graduate students.


Anna T. HöglundAnna T. Höglund is Senior lecturer in nursing ethics and gender studies. She is responsible for the ethics training for nursing students at Uppsala University. She is also adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for equal treatment.

Ulrik KihlbomUlrik Kihlbom is Senior lecturer in medial ethics. He is responsible for the ethics training of medical students at Uppsala University. He is currently dividing his time between teaching ethics and research on genetic risk information.

Moa Kindström DahlinMoa Kindström Dahlin holds an LLD in public law. She is responsible for teaching medical law to students in nursing and medicine.


Jessica Nihlén FahlquistJessica Nihlén Fahlquist is Senior lecturer in in medical ethics is responsible for teaching in the medical doctor's programme, biology and engineering. She is currently on leave.

Deborah MascalzoniDeborah Mascalzoni is a philosopher and Senior researcher. She teaches both undegraduate and graduate students.

Mona PetterssonMona Pettersson divides her time between PhD studies on DNR decisions in oncology care