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Jorien Veldwijk

Jorien Veldwijk

PhD, Risk Economics

Jorien Veldwijk joined CRB in October 2015. She holds a Masters’ degree in Public Heath as well as in Clinical Epidemiology. Before starting her PhD she worked as a researcher at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. During that time she was involved in several research projects regarding the consequences of overweight among children, partly in collaboration with the World Health Organization. During her PhD she used Discrete Choice Experiments (DCEs) to determine individuals’ preferences and their decision-making behavior regarding public health initiatives. She obtained her PhD in May 2015 and was appointed assistant professor at the University Medical Center Utrecht where her research continued to be focused on behavioral economics. Currently she continues working in the same research field using DCEs both at CRB and as a Senior Researcher at the Erasmus Medical Centre.

E-mail: jorien.veldwijk@crb.uu.se
Phone: +46 18-471 65 66

People’s willingness, preferences and public health

What is it that makes people decide not to vaccinate their children or take part in a screening programme? And what would make them consider doing it? With the help of Discrete Choice Experiments, Jorien Veldwijk is trying to find out what people prefer and how willing they are to participate in public health interventions.

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Jorien Veldwijk