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Current issues in biobank ethics and law

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Biobank perspectives: Current issue

In this issue of Biobank Perspectives you can read about some of the challenges that arise when biobanking stem cells in relation to a new project on the legal and ethical aspects of using stem cells to treat type 1 diabetes. We also offer an progress update from the B3Africa project and present the new Swedish legal officer BBMRI-ERIC ELSI helpdesk.  You can also read about the Swedish Government Inquiry  that was presented recently, proposing a new legal framework for handling and investigating research misconduct, with a new act is suggested to enter into force on 1st of January 2019.

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Anna-Sara Lind, photo: Eva Holst
Anna-Sara Lind, Associate Professor of Public Law
Josepine Fernow: foto: Staffan Claesson
Josepine Fernow, Co-ordinator, CRB

Biobank perspectives: Current issues in ethics and law