Courses we offer

We offer advanced level courses in neuroethics and public health ethics that are open for anyone who meets the criteria. Applications go through, and you can find syllabi and admission fee information in Uppsala University's catalogue of single subject courses

We also offer courses for PhD students


Different types of neuroethical issues will be discussed during the course. The course focuses both on applied neuroethics, i.e. ethical questions that arise from neuroscientific or neurotechnological advances; and on fundamental neuroethics, i.e. questions concerning how knowledge of the brain’s functional architecture and its evolution can deepen our understanding of human thought, including moral thought and judgment. The course also includes clinical perspectives, e.g. to what extent a patient with a neuro-degenerative disorder suffers from reduced capacity for decision-making, or reduced autonomy, or when a person with dementia can give an informed consent to participate in scientific studies.

This is a web based course (50 %). The course is open to foreign students. The course is offered in spring.Application deadline: October 15

Please note that Swedish universities have introduced tuition fees for students outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland starting the academic year 2011/2012. The fee for this course is 16 875 SEK and follows the advanced level (second-cycle) fees set by the Faculty of Medicine.

Teacher: Kathinka Evers


This course is an electable part of the master programme in public health and open to students advanced level students. It is offered in Swedish only. Application deadline: April 15

Teacher: Ulrik Kihlbom

Last modified: 2021-09-30