Introduction to Research Ethics

Optional PhD Course. 2,5 credits

The course syllabus below in PDF



The course will give students knowledge about general ethical problems in research. The course also aims at improving the student’s ability to mobilise a sense of responsibility when faced with research ethical problems. The course will include 4 basic lectures focussing on the regulation of research, fraud and misconduct in science, and authorship and publication issues.


This is an introductory PhD course which includes lectures and discussions, the reading of an introductory text and a homework assignment.

Teaching Method

The course is expected to comprise 8 lecture hours during one semester and ca 2-3 days of home study.


Registered for graduate studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


The examination consists of the writing of an individual pm.

Grades for the course: Passed/not passed


The course book is a small booklet, “Good Research Practice” (or “God forskningssed”), published by the Research Council. It can be accessed online for free here:

It can also be ordered as hard copy (for 100 SEK).

Total number of pages: 130

Course Leader and Examiner

Stefan Eriksson, Centre for research ethics & bioethics

About the course

This 2,5credit course is offered by the Department of Psychology and open to PhD students at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


Register via e-mail to Annika Landgren.