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PhD students

CRB offers a multi-disciplinary research environment with a group of supervisors to help projects develop.

The PhD students at CRB have come from a variety of backgrounds: Medicine, nursing, philosophy, health economy, biology and political science. We offer a multi-disciplinary research environment and make sure students have a group of supervisors to help them develop their projects.

All PhD positions at CRB are advertised on the University vacancy pages. We also offer courses for PhD students in medicine, pharmacy, science and technology at Uppsala University. 

Several of our PhD students working with clinical issues, like palliative care in peadiatric oncology and DNR decisions in oncology and hematology care. Some projects deal with risk information, like cardiovascular risk communication in primary care or the return of incidental findings in biobank research and genome studies. There are also projects on neuroethics, one dealing with disorders of consiousness and another on unconciousness, more specifically resignation syndrome.