BBMRI-ERIC is a joint European platform for biobanking that will provide a workable research infrastructure to process, share and store human biological samples, including associated medical data.


One of the biggest hurdles for biobank research today is the differences in regulatory frameworks for biobanking within the EU. BBMRI-ERIC is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, or 'ERIC', for biobanking.Part of this work is providing a common service for the ethical, legal and societal issues.

This ELSI service service facilitates and supports cross-border exchanges of human biological resources and data attached for research uses, collaborations and sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices.


As a step toward a BBMRI-ERIC ELSI policy, the ELSI Common Service arranged a workshop on sharing and access to data and human biospecimens for the benefit of patients. The workshop was held in September 2015.

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CRB's ELSI-Service team

Our expert team is part of the ELSI service with:

The service is directed by Anne Cambon Thomsen at the French national centre for scientfic research (CNRS) and co-directed by Mats G. Hansson at CRB, Marialuisa Lavitrano from the Milano-Bicocca University and Jasper Adriaan Bovenberg, founder of the Legal Pathways Institute.

Biobanks- och registerforskning: Etik och juridik

Vi har ägnat många år åt konstruktiv vägledning kring hanteringen av etiska och juridiska aspekter av forskning på mänskligt vävnadsmaterial och persondata. Vi samarbetar med biomedicinare och publicerar våra resultat i vetenskapliga tidskrifter.

Vi har sammanställt våra publikationer (med abstracts) i en rapport. Rapporten är på engelska och uppdaterades i juni 2016.

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Biobank and registry ethics & law, rapportomslag