Stefan Eriksson advisor for good research practice


Stefan Eriksson was recently appointed as the Vice-Chancellor’s advisor for good research practice. The position is new and entails advising the Vice-Chancellor and coordinating issues regarding good research practice at the university.  

Stefan Eriksson, photo: Josepine Fernow
Stefan Eriksson, Associate Professor at CRB

Stefan Eriksson is Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in Research Ethics at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB). His research revolves around fraud in research, regulation of research and publication ethics. Stefan Eriksson hopes the position as advisor to the Vice-Chancellor will create opportunities to spread knowledge about research ethics. 

“Good research practice is an instrument for trustworthy, successful research. Therefore, it is important that Uppsala University is characterised by high integrity- It is less about avoiding corruption than the pursuit of trust, honesty and responsibility. In that sense, this is an issue of quality”, says Stefan Eriksson

By co-ordinated and strategic work both inside and outside the university, Stefan Eriksson hopes to make use of the engagement that already exists. Preventative work on quality and research ethics is central for good research practice and the public’s trust in research. An important part of the work is to uphold an in-house culture with living conversation on research ethics issues.

“Young researchers in training will primarily do as those around them, not as they are told. Therefore, we must seek to create research cultures that do not exaggerate the competitive features, but seek cooperation and openness instead,” says Stefan Eriksson.

Researchers need to open discussions on how to achieve responsible research environments and avoid cheating and deviations. Continued trust in research depends on a clear and regulated system for handling possible deviations, both at the university- and national level. CRB welcomes the Uppsala University’s initiative. 

By Anna Holm

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