Anna-Sara Lind

Anna-Sara Lind

Professor of Public Law
Editor Biobank Perspectives

Anna-Sara Lind joined CRB in September 2011 to work with the legal aspects of research conducted on human tissue samples within and BBMRI-LPC. Anna-Sara Lind is Professor of Public Law at the Department of Law at Uppsala University and is tied part-time to CRB. Her research focuses on public law, EU law and fundamental rights and on how EU law and international law interacts in the fields of Medical law and welfare state law in a complex constitutional reality. 

She is editor of our newsletter Biobank Perspectives: Current issues in ethics and law.

Phone: +46 18 471 61 99

Recent publications

  • Lind, Anna-Sara

    Den offentliga rätten i mångvetenskaplig forskning

    Part of Festskrift till Wiweka Warnling Conradson, p. 207-217, 2019.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara; Jonsson, Anna; Middlemiss Lé Mon, Martha; Stern, Rebecca

    Forska för en bättre värld

    Part of Upsala nya tidning, 2018.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara; Leviner, Pernilla; Erhag, Thomas

    Inledning: Mot en ny socialrätt?

    Part of Socialrätt under omvandling, p. 10-16, 2018.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara

    Social rights and EU Citizenship

    Part of Bridging the Prosperity Gap in the EU, p. 22-45, 2018.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara; Erhag, Thomas; Leviner, Pernilla

    Socialrätt under omvandling: om välfärdsstatens och solidaritetens gränser


  • Fridström Montoya, Therése; Lind, Anna-Sara

    Socialt arbete i det allmännas tjänst

    Part of Juridik för socialt arbete, p. 13-23, 2018.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara

    Utveckling och trender: - från den nationella välfärdsstaten till globalt tryck

    Part of Socialrätt under omvandling, p. 344-356, 2018.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara

    A Living Constitution in Times of Emergency?: Sweden

    Part of European Public Law, p. 27-37, 2017.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara; Kjaerum, Morten

    Att skydda mänskliga rättigheter i normgivning och praktik

    Part of Mänskliga rättigheter i det offentliga Sverige, p. 99-116, 2017.

  • Lind, Anna-Sara

    Freedom of the Press Act - from then to now

    Part of Transparency in the Future, p. 51-64, 2017.

Biobank and registry ethics & law

For many years, researchers at CRB have provided constructive advise on how to deal with ethical and legal aspects of research using human tissue material and personal data. We have collaborated with biomedical scientists and published our findings in peer reviewed journals. As a summary of this research we have compiled a list of publications with abstracts. We have grouped them thematically to help you find the ones you might be interested in reading. Our publications deal with ethical frameworks and policy, regulatory aspects of biobank and registry research, informed consent, ethical review, integrity concerns, trust, genetic testing, indicental findings, commercialization, public and patient perceptions, rare diseases, children & biobanks & genetics, and biobank studies.

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