Arleen Salles

Arleen Salles

Senior Researcher

Arleen Salles, PhD Philosophy, is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Research Ethics and Bioethics (CRB) at Uppsala University and Director of the Neuroethics Program at CIF (Centro de Investigaciones Filosoficas) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a researcher and task leader in the Responsible Research and Innovation Work Package of the EU-flagship Human Brain Project. She is also board member of the International Neuroethics Society and serves as a member of the International Brain Initiative’s Neuroethics Workgroup. Salles received her M.A and Ph.D in philosophy from SUNY Buffalo, USA.

Her current research focuses on neuroethics, particularly the normative, epistemic, and ontological  implications of neuroscientific findings and its applications (including brain inspired artificial intelligence). She is working on a conceptual analysis of human identity and the self, and on the impact that some neuroscientific research and emerging neurotechnologies could have on our humanness and on our self-perception as humans. She is also interested in the notion of a “global” or “culturally engaged” neuroethics and on how to include cultural considerations in order to enrich both neuroethics and neuroscience.

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Neuroethics & Philosophy of the Brain

The CRB neuroethics research team is an international, multi-disciplinary group. Our backgrounds allow us to approach these issues from theoretical, philosophical, social, bio-political and clinical perspectives. We collaborate closely with neuroscientists to understand the ethical and philosophical questions that neuroscience brings. In this report, we provide a summary of our research. The report was updated in November 2016. We are planning an update in the autumn 2020. 

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Neuroethicxs & philosophy of the brain