Work and study at CRB

CRB is an international multi-dicisplinary research environment with a mix of junior and senior researchers. Our working language is English. You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in joining us as a visiting scholar for a longer or shorter period. All available positions (including PhD position) are advertised on the Uppsala University job site.

Open positions

Preference rEsearcher focusing on screening and genetic testing of newborn

We are looking for a full-time researcher to be part of an international research project that aims to use qualitative and quantitative methods to study parents 'and health care professionals' preferences regarding screening and genetic testing of newborns for rare diagnoses and attempts to identify patients with symptoms via their electronic medical records and an algorithm. The effect of the information on the parents will be examined with an instrument that measures Empowerment, which will be validated for use in Germany and Italy. The advertised research position is limited in time to two years. Swedish is not a requirement and intenrational applicants are welcome. Application deadline 19 July 2021!

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Are you our New Preference studies Postdoc?

We are looking for a postdoc researcher who speaks Swedish to work on an international project looking at parents' and health care professionals' preferences for screening and genetic testing for rare diseases in newborn children. And for attempting to identify patients with symptoms through their medical records using an algorithm. How this information is perceived will be explored using an instrument to measure Empowerment. Application deadline 12 July 2021!

Last modified: 2021-06-11