Kathinka Evers

Kathinka Evers

Professor of Philosophy
Senior Researcher

Kathinka Evers leads the CRB neuroethics research team. She is a co-director of the EU Flagship Human Brain Project. Her main research focus is neuroethics and the neural basis of consciousness and she teaches an advanced level course in neuroethics. Kathinka Evers conducted her doctoral studies in philosophy at Balliol College, University of Oxford, at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, and at Lund University, Sweden, where she received her doctoral degree in 1991. She has been a research fellow at Balliol College, University of Oxford (1994); at the Department of Philosophy and Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, Colchester (1996-97); invited professor at the University of Tasmania, Hobart (1999), at École Normale Supérieure, Paris (2002), and at Collège de France, Paris (2006-7). For six years (1997-2002) she was the Executive Director for the Standing Committee on Responsibility and Ethics in Science (SCRES) of the International Council for Science (ICSU). She is also division leader for ethical and societal implications of the EU-flagship Human Brain Project. Kathinka Evers has recently been appointed Honorary Professor at Universidad Central de Chile.

E-mail: Kathinka.Evers@crb.uu.se
Phone: +46 18 471 62 43



  • Neuroethics (7,5 credits, advanced level)
  • Research Ethics and the Philosophy of Science (1,5 credit, postgraduate course for medicine and pharmacy)
  • Introduction to Scientific Research (7,5 credits, postgraduate course for medicine and pharmacy)

PhD supervision

  • Michele Farisco: The neuroscience of disorders of consciousness: from laboratory to clinics
  • Karl Sallin:What is it like to be unconscious? Perspectives from Philosophy and Neuroscience with special regards to Resignation Syndrome
  • Frida Kuhlau: Dual use and responsible life science research – A bioethical approach (PhD 2013)

Recently in the media


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    Open access
  • Renzi, Chiara; Provencal, Nadine; Bassil, Katherine C; Evers, Kathinka et al.

    From Epigenetic Associations to Biological and Psychosocial Explanations in Mental Health.

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  • Farisco, Michele; Hellgren Kotaleski, Jeanette; Evers, Kathinka

    Large-scale brain simulation and disorders of consciousness: Mapping technical and conceptual issues

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    Neuroscience of Childhood Poverty: Evidence of Impacts and Mechanisms as Vehicles of Dialog With Ethics

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  • Farisco, Michele; Evers, Kathinka

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Neuroethics & Philosophy of the Brain

The CRB neuroethics research team is an international, multi-disciplinary group. Our backgrounds allow us to approach these issues from theoretical, philosophical, social, bio-political and clinical perspectives. We collaborate closely with neuroscientists to understand the ethical and philosophical questions that neuroscience brings. In this report, we provide a summary of our research. The report was updated in November 2016.

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Neuroethicxs & philosophy of the brain

Neuroéthique. Quand la matière s'éveille

Evers K, Neuroéthique. Quand la matière s'éveille, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) 2014, originally published by Éditions Odile Jacob, Paris, 2009.

The book has sold out and we offer an author version for download. The book has also been published in Spanish (Evers K, Neuroética. Cuando la materia se despierta, Katz editores, 2010).

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Neuroéthique. Quand la matière s'éveille